Senior Data Quality Specialist


Company name: Michael Page

Location: UAE

Salary: withheld by employer


* Support in developing, implementing, and executing data governance and data quality strategy.
* Carryout regular system investigations and audits, and make recommendations to ensure efficient data management processes.
* Determine and analyse data management processes, ensuring that all specifications and documentations are distributed and completed regularly.
* Ensure that all changes to system and data management processes are implemented efficiently and comprehensively.
* Determine processes for data quality improvement, prepare data quality reports, and analyse data, as required.
* Support the team in selecting and adopting Data Governance & Data Quality technology tools.
* Implement and provide required support on data utilisation, internally and externally.
* Support the team in identifying data governance and data quality requirements and risks.
* Interpret data and analyse results using statistical techniques, and prepare reports on strategies and potential risks, as required.


* Minimum of 6 years of experience in a data driven organisation
* Knowledge of industry leading data quality management practices
* Knowledge of data management practices, business and technology issues related to management of enterprise information assets and approaches related to data protection
* Demonstrated consulting skills, with change management concepts and strategies, including communication, culture change and performance measurement system design.
* Been strongly involved in at least 3 full cycle data quality management projects
* Knowledge of data architecture and technology solutions.

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