Intro to Crypto Assets and the Blockchain

course trainer

John Chain (Blockchain Expert, Founder and President of Chain Enterprises LLC, Nevada, USA)

Long before founding Chain Enterprises LLC in Nevada, USA, John had been tackling unique problems in technology. From as early as age 11, when he took over his family’s IBM XT computer, he experimented with a bulletin board based on Wildcat! BBS and dove into Slackware Linux from a CD in the back of a computer magazine. Soon after Phrack, Alt 2600, and DEFCON led to self-study in software development and offensive Cyber Security.

John recently retired in Colorado after spending 12 years as a Green Beret with the 10th Special Forces Group of the US Army.  During his service he developed offensive and defensive cyber solutions, worked as a Department of Defense trainer alongside a penetration testing organization within the defense community, developed custom built solutions with single board computers and off the shelf electronics, and managed various exercises and events around the globe with multinational partners.

When Bitcoin surfaced in 2009, he did some research and dedicated several machines to mining. Although the old mining hardware has long since disappeared, his dedication to explore and develop within the blockchain space continues to grow. No longer content with simply mining, John focuses his tech energy on creating unique solutions with existing hardware. His latest project leverages GPU mining hardware to create cluster machine learning and distributed rendering solutions.

Crypto Assets and the Blockchain

This course is designed for individuals with little to no knowledge about cryptocurrency and the
blockchain. During the 10 hours of course material, students will be introduced to the following
concepts: blockchain principles, the differences between various crypto assets and blockchain
technologies, individual level procurement and utilization, and security best practices. Completion of
this course prepares students for higher level studies on blockchain technology and the associated
security protocols.

Course breakdown:

1 hour – Introduction
What is a blockchain?
Is a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency a blockchain?
Introduction to how a blockchain works, short technical demonstration

1 Hour – The Beginning of Blockchain
Satoshi Nakamoto whitepaper in 2008
10,000 bitcoins for 2 Pappa John’s Pizzas in 2010
Less than $1 to $20k, and back to $(Current Price_$3,800)

1 Hour – Blockchain industry leaders – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Hyperledger
The expanding ecosystem and a thousand different tokens
Branching out from currency, blockchain everywhere
Private vs Public blockchains, why does it matter, what is the difference?

1 Hour – Wallets, safe storage, and your first purchase of a crypto asset
Coinbase – a simple path to your first crypto purchase
Hardware Wallet vs Software App Wallets
Hardware Wallets: Ledger, KeepKey, Trezor
Software Wallets: Coinomi, Electrum, and Metamask

1 Hour – Switching between crypto assets
Online services: Shapeshift, Changelly
Online exchanges: Binance, Mt. Gox, and all the rest
The Dark Web: Bitcoin Tumblers and similar services, what is the fuss and the risk?

1 Hour – Buying Crypto in person
Crypto ATMs, where are they, is it the same as regular cash machines?
Wall of Coins, what is it, how does it work, is it legal?
Local Bitcoins, the risks and legality
Other escrow services

1 Hour – Buying real goods and services with Crypto Assets
What can I buy with crypto? How about a coffee
Starbucks, Amazon, Facebook – the coming revolution of crypto asset usability
Bakkt – shooting for the moon with Microsoft, Starbucks, and the NYSE
Services to enable purchases at online retailers
Major transactions: Real Estate and other large purchases

1 Hour – Converting it back to a local currency
General practices on converting crypto assets back to fiat (hard currency)
Legal considerations of using crypto
Tax considerations

2 Hours – Security using Crypto Currency

Part 1 –
How do I protect my wallet, what do I do with my seed words?
Can I recover funds stored on a lost hardware wallet?
$140 Million USD “Lost” by an exchange in Canada
Best practices in long, mid, and short-term repositories to maintain crypto assets.
Additional security implications in direct transactions between parties
How to travel with crypto assets

Part 2 –
Case studies: Discussion about past crimes, ransoms, and theft of crypto assets from individuals,
exchanges, wallets, and third-party services
15 Minutes – Closing Remarks
Where to go next?
Other applications of blockchain technology Sources for continued development

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Crypto Assets and the Blockchain


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