Cyber security for HR professionals

course trainer

Maka Petriashvili (Cybersecurity Expert, Co-founder of CYSEC Cybersecurity Educational Center)

Maka has worked at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia since 1999, specializing in cybersecurity, military intelligence, defense policy and planning, human resources and strategic defense review. She worked as a human resources and organizational development consultant in the Cybersecurity Bureau and coordinated the Cybersecurity Awareness Project in 2015-2016. She is also involved with cybersecurity awareness training and has participated in the development of Nato’s Cybersecurity Generic Reference Curriculum. She holds a Master’s degree in security studies from the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monteret, California, and a Master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Manchester, England.

Maka is involved in various cybersecurity projects as a lecturer on cybersecurity, cyber hygiene and cyber bullying.

Cybersecurity for HR professionals

Aim: The course is designed for current and future HR professionals to enable them to attract and hire top cyber security professionals and prepare organizational employees (including HR staff) to face increasing cyber incidents and data breach threats and risks.

Course content:

  • Current cyber security threats and trends
  • Understanding cyber security threats and risks organizations and HR professionals face
  • How to develop, implement and assess 5 phase cyber security awareness campaign in organization.
  • Cyber security jobs and job description specifics
  • Tips to attract cyber security professionals


Duration: 15 hours

$750.00 $75.00

We offer special prices for larger groups.
Contact us for more info or to get a quote.

Delivery Time:
Please allow one to two weeks for delivery.

Delivery Method:
Tailor made downloadable videos with exercises, case studies and more.
Live teaching at your organization’s premises (for groups of ten or more)

Cybersecurity for HR professionals


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