Network Engineer


Company name: ZTE
Location: Minsk, Russia
Salary: withheld by employer

• full cycle of work with equipment on customer’s networks (commissioning, acceptance, further support, control of installation contractors, etc.);
• work with a wide range of equipment and vendor solutions (switches, routers, OTN, IT, SDN, GPON, etc.);
• work with the requirements of the Customer and record keeping;
• diagnostics and troubleshooting on customer networks;
• possible travel in Belarus;

• higher engineering education (preferably in the field of computer technology, communication networks, optical transport networks, information or IT technologies).
• colloquial as well as technical English at Intermediate and higher levels – as a must!
• knowledge of network protocols IS-IS, OSPF, BGP, MPLS, L2VPN, L3VPN (CCNA level and above).
• experience with access networks (VLAN, STP, MSTP, DHCP, IPoE, PPPoE, etc.)
• experience with monitoring systems (for example, Zabbix).
• the ability to quickly search for information and learn new material;
• understanding of the principles of mobile networks
• experience with optical networks (DWDM, SDH, CWDM)
• experience with software products
• basic knowledge of system administration (Linux, Windows, diskarrays, bladeservers, etc.)

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