Infrastructure Engineer


Company name: JetBrains
Required work experience: 3-6 years
Salary: withheld by employer

• Keeping Kubernetes based platform software in the stable and actual condition.
• Research, development and integration of new features for the platform.
• Customers support. Keep infrastructure details away from development teams.
• Promotion of platform inside JetBrains (Documentation, Meetings, TechTalks, etc).
• Maintenance of building and deployment system of TeamCity Cloud Agents.
• Support and development of infrastructure of (AWS).

• Experience in Kubernetes at high-load distributed web(RBAC, PSP, Ingress, Resource Management, Eviction Management).
• Experience in development of high-load applications for Kubernetes.
• Understanding of development practices in infrastructure aka SRE practices(VCS, CodeReview, Autotesting, IaC, Planning, Iterations, Postmortems, Capacity Planning, etc).
• Automation skills, a clear understanding of what can be efficiently automated and what can not.
• Good communication skills.
• Experience of implementation and practice of monitoring (application, infrastructure, alerts, and incident management systems in a team.
• Experience of implementation and practice in ELK stack.

• Expert-level knowledge of Linux administration (Centos/Ubuntu/Alpine).
• Experience with configuration management systems (Ansible).
• Experience with Git.
• Ability to write code in scripting languages (Python, Golang, Bash).
• Experience with CI/CD systems.
• Experience in database administration, including distributed ones (Percona/MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Apache Cassandra).

It is good if you have:
• Experience in Microsoft Windows administration (PowerShell).
• Experience in MacOS administration (launchd, SIP, brew).
• Experience in using of Sphere/VMWare infrastructure.
• Experience or understanding of AWS services (CloudFront, EC2, ECS, ELB, ALB, CloudWatch etc).

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