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  • In my personal opinion the lack of sufficient relevant international regulation in the year 2020 is both worrying and scary!  Today we spend most of our time, conducting banking transactions or filling out government applications, online. It is believed that Iran carried out a cyber attack against the Israelis, however there is a 3rd party in effect. The US is a third party as the attacked site was hosted there! Perhaps if the site was hosted in Israel, the Israelis could have avoided the cyber attack.

    The loss of human life is a tragedy. However what caught my attention most is the ease with which the system/site of a state security service can be breached. This raises a question:

    how can state security services protect citizens when they can’t protect themselves?!

    The police seem to be way behind when it comes to cyber security capabilities, and cyber criminals seem to be years ahead!

    Israeli interference in US elections is not a new phenomenon. However it is does not receive as much media exposure  as Russian intervention, I wonder why this is?!

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    The cyber war started way back since the prevalence of the internet. Some nations took part in the early stages, which made them a power house today. With a rocket you may kill some people, however with a cyber attack you can freeze a nation; by attacking their economy for example.

    These days the awareness is much greater than 5 or 10 years ago, but the problem is most people always wait until they get attacked to take actions. Knowledge is power, the more you know about the threats, and keep learning about new methods to be ahead of the curve, the less you may be effected.

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    Interesting topic. I couldn’t agree more with AAM’s perspective. However what about Russia I wonder, simply a bystander amidst this US v China conflict?

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    Very interesting topic.

    cyber attacks have been conducted since the early 90s and a country like the USA just appointed a chief information officer in 2019!!!

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    That is what a ‘smart toilet’ looks like when it is hacked

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    Its so fascinating and rather alarmingly, that even a country that seems to be develop doesnt take cyber security as a real threat specially when it comes to weapons. That just shows me that cyber security should be a subject in our kids acadimcs curriculum so we can educate the next gen for a very yound age cos its as important as math if not more.

    Well written thanks for the article

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    What I found amusing is that the Americans always try to find something about China to attack and put sanctions on the Chinese, that just showed me how scared the US is of China to be the next power house in technology. I would suggest that the US should concentrate on improving its own resources and companies rather than pointing fingers every time some countries get ahead.

    When it comes to the security of cyber space we still have lots of ground to cover, and raising awareness is one of the most crucial elements of the equation. Companies should train their staff to the highest level of the importance of cyber security.

    thanks for the topic….

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    Great topic!

    this article has given me so much valuable information and directions to a safer ways to create a password that easy to remember and harder to guess.

    the question is how can you create 10 different strong passwords? finally
    I found the answer in this article

    and the most valuable info is do not use the same password to all your accounts!

    very enjoyable topic.

    specially the social engineering part as its widely used now days because people just made it easy by posting lots of personal info in the web.

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    Great article.

    what interest me the most that the war has shifted from guns and tanks to computers and information war.

    the one who will control the most information and cyber space will win in the long run.

    we still need to figure out the threats and the difficulties in our actual life, and now we have to be aware about the other threats that comes from the cyber world.

    great information!

    its always a great way to use a life experience to describe cyber attracts and threats.


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