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    All employees today should be trained and well versed in matters of cyber security, as it is no longer a luxury. The fact that many remain oblivious to the fact speaks volumes on how unprepared they are for potential threats.

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    I see now why it is essential to press that pesky update button after I had been avoiding it all this time. It  truly is a marvel to realise just how much we don’t know about the importance of cybersecurity and the ways in which it can affect our lives.

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    The medical sector is the most sensitive sector there is, as it deals with the lives and physical well beings of the people. Cyber Security needs to be taken very seriously due to this fact, and the proper safeguards and systems must be in place, in order to avoid potentially catastrophic outcomes.

    Awful that some people would consider harming others in such a fashion. Still, it is up to each and every one of us to safeguard ourselves from the horrors that others may sometimes seek to inflict upon us. One step is knowing about cyber security and how to secure our information. The next step is not even sharing such sensitive, private and exploitable content with anyone.

    Absolutely agreed, two factor authentification is necessary as cyber criminals find it exceedingly more simple to hack passwords that do not implement this protocol. Very good article indeed.

    Capable and high quality web development companies are not many, as I have experience a few that have done very novice work for me. This is a great guide for those working in the field, and for me, as a client, to take heed of.

    Wow, I’d never placed any amount of importance of passwords until reading this article. It’s truly astounding to see how little we know and how much we have yet to learn. I am a humble novice in the Cyber Security world, as I know very little to nothing. Yet, it is evident that I must now begin acquiring more knowledge and remedy this fact. Thank you.

    Astounding. There is truly not a single aspect of the internet that remains unaffected by some form of cyber security threat. What is even more surprising is the number of people who remain oblivious to all of these very crucial facts. I myself do not know a single person aware of this, nor have I discussed it with anyone so far. That is why articles like this one need to be much more prominent.

    It is scary to think of the prospect of being caught in such a scam, and I salute the author for bringing this topic to light. For me, the mark of a great article is when I become aware of a fact that I would have otherwise remained entirely oblivious to, as is the case here. I would have never heard of this had I not stumbled across this page. Being ill-informed is surely dangerous.

    Extremely accurate and relevant article. I have to admit that I myself have fallen prey to a few these, back when I opted for using easily guessable personal information for passwords. I now admit humbly that this wasn’t a genius move. Yet, it has never gone as far as someone looking over my shoulder to try and catch my keystrokes. That would be next level idiocy on my part. In any case, good articles, great information, and further proof on the importance of cyber security and the need for caution.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)