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    Software updates are a great time suck. They always come when you least expect them and more often than not, you will put them off until the next time. The truth is, there is really not the perfect time to update your software. They will always come at the most inopportune time and you will always put them off.

    But when you do that, you are not only putting a software update off, you are also bringing yourself closer to a security risk you might never be able to recover from. The right time to download a software update is right now. This is a very important activity that do not deserve to be postponed every time.

    If you are not convinced yet, perhaps the following benefits of software updates will seduce you into getting the latest software.

    1. Your documents are at risk without the latest updates
    In 2014, Sony Pictures suffered a major security breach. A lot of private information including employee details and movies that were yet to be released were stolen and released for the whole world. As if that was not enough, Sony computers were infected with malware that wiped out their entire infrastructure.

    These kinds of hacks can easily be prevented by ensuring your software is up to date. Perhaps Sony put off the update until a later date and ended up suffering a major damage. This is especially a very serious issue for big companies. If you have computers that home vital information, be it employee or customer details or important projects, you need to ensure that they are always protected.
    The best way to do that is by updating your software regularly.

    2. Updates help patch security flaws
    The main reason hackers are successful is because of security flaws or vulnerabilities. A vulnerability in this case is weakness in a software program or operating system that hackers can take advantage of to break into your system. They do this by creating a code intended to specifically take advantage of that weakness.
    Think of it as hole in your fence that thieves can use to access and break into your home. You may have a tenacious gate but if there is a hole in your fence, however small it may be, the gate will be rendered useless.

    It is therefore important we patch up these ‘holes’ in our software and operating systems so that hackers have no access points. How do you do that? Update your software. Software updates do not only come with more exciting and refurbished functionalities, they also bring patches that will seal holes in your software so that they are more secure.

    3. You don’t want to miss out on new and exciting features

    The most exciting thing about software updates is the new features that come with it. You definitely don’t want to miss out on those. Software developers are invariably adding new features that come with each update. Even if you think your security is intact, perhaps you would be interested in new features that will make you more productive while doing less.

    This is especially vital for businesses that depend on such software for everyday tasks. A software update can increase your ROI and ensure more flexibility in the workplace.

    4. Your automatic updates may have been disabled

    You may sit down and relax knowing that your software or operating system is updating automatically. But even if you have turned on automatic updates, it doesn’t hurt to check ones in a while.

    This is important because hackers can actually remotely turn of your software. Or even more interesting, someone on the inside can liaise with hackers to manually turn off antivirus software so that they can attack your computes easily without you noticing.

    So, even after enabling automatic updates, you still need to check from time to time to ensure that nothing is amiss. Otherwise, your computers can be attacked and important information stolen without you even noticing.

    5. Other people will be affected
    You see, software updates is not all about you. Other people may be affected in an instance your computer catches a virus or some kind of malware.

    You probably share files with friends, family member and colleagues. The most common gadgets used for file sharing include flash drivers, USBs and removable hard drives. These also happen to be malware careers from one computer to another.

    If a friend wants to transfer a file or movie from your computer to theirs, there is a high chance they will transfer the virus too if your computer is infected.
    You can protect yourself and those sharing your devices by regularly updating your OS and software.

    6. Hackers and cyber criminals are becoming smarter and more active
    As we make security systems more complex, hackers and cyber criminals are also designing smarter counter strategies. An old software program or operating system will especially be very vulnerable since hackers will already know how to attack it.

    If hackers discover a vulnerability is a software or OS, they will keep taking advantage of it until you update. If you don’t do so in time, your computer will be nothing by the time you find the time to update.
    Software developers also let the public know of any security flaws when they release an update. This means that hackers will also be aware and start attacking software that have not been updated.

    It is time to stop putting off your software updates. Like I said, the right time to update is right now. Taking time to update is always better than taking the risk of not updating on time.


    Now I see where I’ve been going wrong. Very informative and enlightening article. I needed this one. I myself am guilty of always postponing software updates, as I find them to be annoying. But better to be annoyed than sorry.


    Ah the pesky “Update Software” notification. I like how the author of the article stresses on everyone’s displeasure and reluctance in actually pressing update, yet at the same time, also emphasises the importance of doing so, as it eliminates many prospects risks that come with forgoing this option. Thank you for the informative writing. Cheers.


    I have always felt that it is important to update my software, and so I did it. Yet, it was unbeknown me how important it was, and that it could carry some implications if I didn’t. So, I’m glad I instinctually did, and gladder still that I know have the full information on it. This forum is full of golden nuggets of information on all things cyber security and tech, and it is both highly informative and enjoyable.


    Now I know why I should click that pesky update button, something I’ll admit I have always avoiding doing like the plague. As I read more and more of these articles on this forum, I am beginning to realise how much there is still for me to learn as I am personally so oblivious to the facts in the world of cyber security, but at least I am not oblivious to its importance now.


    I never imagined there could be so many implications involved with not updating your software. It astounds me the number of things that could go wrong, and the fact that it could well reach other individuals as well. This just goes to prove that even the matters that we overlook may have cyber threats hidden within them, and is further evidence on the importance of cyber security today.


    I see now why it is essential to press that pesky update button after I had been avoiding it all this time. It  truly is a marvel to realise just how much we don’t know about the importance of cybersecurity and the ways in which it can affect our lives.


    Wow, I’d never considered updating my software at all, but would instead just push the “Remind Me Later” button as frequently as I was able. It’s good I came across this, because now, I definitively know that I was wrong, and will discontinue doing so, for my sake, as well as for the sake of others, apparently.

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