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    Data loss is one of the serious problems for all types of businesses in the world. These businesses spend most of their time and money trying to recover the lost information which is always essential for effective company management. In most cases, data loss occurs when files are accidentally deleted from the system or someone has corrupted with the data for personal gain or accidentally. Formatting errors, physical damages, or viruses can render data unreadable by both humans and software. Although some lost data can be recovered, this process requires one to have adequate knowledge in computer programming; the person should be an IT expert. It is also more expensive and cost time. Sometimes, it is hard to recover lost files and information, making data loss prevention even more essential. The following are the most common causes of data loss.

    Human Error
    Human beings always make mistakes. Some mistakes are big while others are small. For business, however, these mistakes can cause deletion of important files from the system. In fact, employees can unknowingly overwrite important files or even delete information that is essential to the business. Human error can also affect many things in the business including hard drive damage, liquid spills, hard drive formatting and software corruption among others.
    However, human errors can be prevented through proper training. As an employer, you should ensure that all your employees understand how data is processed within the organization and also how the backup system operates. This can help them know whether the documents they are working on will be backed up automatically or they need to do it manually. In addition, you can use automation to minimize the amount of human interaction with data, which eventually reduces the risk of deletion or overwriting. Also, you can optimize the workflow as it will leave little room for human error to occur and at the same time saves employees. Backup systems should also be used to preserve previous data states.

    Virus and Malware
    Many people think of viruses when asked about the cause of data loss. Yes, they are sometimes right. Viruses can steal, delete, or corrupt important information destroying the company functionality. Computers get viruses from email-based attacks or through phishing attempting employees to click on the links sent. These links allow the viruses to enter the computer and steal files or even damage them.
    You can use anti-virus software to protect your computers against malware. Also, ensure that the software is constantly updated to catch viruses before causing serious damages to your information.

    Hard Drive Damage
    In most cases, hardware malfunctions cause loss of data. Hard drives are the main perpetrator for this and statistics show that about 100 hundred hard drives crash every day, 70 percent caused by mechanical issues while 30 percent are as a result of human error. Usually, hard drive wears out every day and stop functioning at the end.
    You can prevent hard drive malfunctions by ensuring that your devices work appropriately and is kept out of dust. Carry out regular backing up as this will prevent your device from destroying certain data or files.

    Power Outage
    In most cases, power outages interrupt business operation by shutting down software systems without warning. The process can cause loss of unsaved data as well as corrupt the existing files due to improper shutdown process. Unfortunately, your computer may never start up again if it shuts down while it is writing to the hard drive.
    To protect your computer against these problems, it is recommended to make regular, automatic system backups. Actually, backups are the only way to recover lost data from a power outage. Additionally, you can use surge protectors to prevent possible damage from power surges.

    Computer Theft
    Many people are becoming mobile nowadays. They spend most of their time working from laptops and smartphones rather than the PCs. However, laptop theft can take place anywhere at any time. You can lose all your business or personal data when your laptop gets stolen.
    To prevent this situation, it is important to always wipe data from your laptop in case your employees access sensitive information from your laptop. Also, use backup to store sensitive information.

    Liquid Damage
    This is another cause of data loss. Spilling coffee and water on the laptop can cause a short circuit which makes it hard for you to recover the information. Although your computer may function well after the spill, it is important to know that the internal damage can have long-lasting effects causing your laptop to a short circuit in the future.
    The best way to prevent this is by keeping liquids away from your business computers and laptops and tries to store them in water-resistant cases.

    Fire disasters can take place in the business any time and they have devastating effects on the business. These disasters can destroy business computers, data, or the entire business. Ensure you have a backup system as it will help you to recover data.

    They are the most common cause of data loss. Hackers use different means to break into your computer and steal important information for their use. They can even destroy the entire business process. Use firewalls in your system to minimize the problem.

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