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    Cloud storage is a model of cloud computing where data is stored in remote computers and accessed via the internet. Cloud computing is the most recent technological innovation that helps businesses and individuals to have easy access to their data regardless of their location. Many organizations are moving towards cloud computing because of the efficiency of access and easy back and restoration procedures. However, despite the many benefits brought along by cloud storage, one major setback facing the service is security.

    Various organizations that have opted to shift their data storage services to the cloud do not understand the security risks they expose their information to. In every company, data privacy, integrity and confidentiality is crucial. When one of these qualities is breached, it puts the company in jeopardy.

    In a bank setting, for example, there are lots of risks involved when such an institution utilizes cloud storage services. The advancement in technology through cloud computing has also given rise to high levels of information insecurity. When customers entrust a company with their financial information, it is the work of the organization to ensure such information is kept secure.
    One of the primary reasons why there is an increase in the number of cyber crimes is because lots of valuable information is stored in the cloud.

    The internet is vested with unethical hackers who pose a colossal threat to data security. When hackers penetrate through the security mechanisms of cloud storage and gain access to critical information, they can damage the data or use it to commit forgery.

    Hackers like to use impersonation as one way of committing fraud. In the example of a banking scenario given above, if a hacker access the online banking information for a particular account holder, they can authorize money transfer since they have attained the necessary credentials to officiate the transfer. Therefore, before a company or an individual puts such sensitive information in the cloud, they ought to have sufficient security mechanisms to eliminate any vulnerability used by hackers.

    Companies need to invest a lot to secure customer information stored in the cloud. Hackers can also hold businesses at ransom when they have critical information. Many cyber criminals around the world have used ransomware to extort money from people and organizations. If a hacker gets a company’s data stored in the cloud, they can demand ransom at the expense of selling or damaging the acquired information.

    Another reason why there is a need for cloud security is to protect a business. A few years back, Dropbox, a popular cloud storage service, was hacked. This attack led to the unauthorized access of employee accounts containing personal information. Spam was also sent to the users’ folders. If such a predicament happens to a company with a large client base using Dropbox services, there are high chances that the clients will have little confidence in the ability of the company to secure their data. This in return, can lead to negative financial implications especially when customers know their information is at risk.

    There are different security techniques that people or organizations can use to keep their information secure. Intrusion detection systems, antiviruses, firewalls are some of the security features used to protect cloud data.

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