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    Cyber Attack

    Digital systems are converting rocks from mines and products made of metal into ransomware attack stated by the best aluminum company. The intense cyber-attack on the Norsk Hydro Company on Tuesday forced its shutdown of some products and changed the production process. The production machines working for 24 hours were turned to manual and this slowed the production process and disrupting the supply chain cycle. The cyber attack majored on the Europe parts and the United States. Additionally, the company acknowledged its customer that everything will be resumed on Wednesday and a continuous supply of products will start immediately.

    The following day in Oslo, Eivind Kallevik pointed out in an interview that the Norsk Company now has to create new orders specifically for assigned customers and ways to accomplish it.  Aluminum Companies making technical products used by Ford Motor Company and other technical product based companies are few in the world; therefore, the issue is a threat in case products manufacturing is interfered with at Norsk Hydro Company. Emerging critical issues at the company-wide spreads reaching the consumers learned from the last year case in the USA when United Company Rusal, the biggest aluminum production company approved no deals with China. Cyber attack is a major issue because it interferes with the interconnection between the company and the customer breaking the supply chain bond.

    Technology and Automation

    Technology has favourably transformed following the incident at Norsk Hydro Company implies how the technology industries have become a critical issue in the metal and mining industries. Colin Hamiton, the BMO Company managing director claimed that automakers will not be operational without the automotive market certification. The Norsk Hydro Company pointed out that with fail to access to some of its production systems has resulted in problems inclusive of financial and product performance. Hackers propose count down and ransom of money to be paid within the countdown to unlock data and failure to do so data is erased or lost and this adversely affects the company’s financial returns or benefits.

    Aluminum Production Company is faced by risks of other emerging metal production companies that dominate the supply chain and create competition. The supply chain metal and mining manufacturing companies are vastly spreading increasing challenges of getting cyber attacks from technological programming industries. Moreover, some researchers suggested that companies should ensure automation is operational in their system to enhance cyber protection from cyber attacks. They should develop cyber-security programs in their system to protect the company’s confidential data from being disrupted by other technological companies. Also, large companies should ensure to cover their data protection with insurance companies against hackers or cyber crimes.

    Critical issues Created by Hackers

    The Hydro Company claimed that the cyber-attack on aluminum operational company specifically in Europe and the US was done by unknown sources but the cyber attack is similar to other recent cyber attack cases. A lot of outgoing products were affected at the Norwegian Company an aluminum production company but they claimed to handle the effects of the situation immediately. The machinery technology operational for 24 hours is also responsible for melting aluminum metal was changed to a manual which limited the production of some products and disrupted supply chain of these products. Cyber attacks come from unknown sources and therefore it is difficult to expose them but instead give in to their demands.

    Ransomware attacks is an adverse software invasion which locks data leaving the system useless; moreover, data can be unlocked if a certain amount of money is paid. In the year 2017, The WannaCry attack was extreme as it resulted to fail of 200,000 worldwide computers asserted to pay 300 Bitcoin dollars before the end of 72 hours or the data will crush in seven days. The British held North Korea responsible towards FedEx Corporation, PetroChina Co. and the United Kingdom National Health Service (UKNS) system infections. Also, last year two individuals from Iran were held responsible for cyber-attacks on Atlanta and crushed the systems; additionally, a sum of millions of dollars disappeared.

    Insurance Cover against Cyber Attacks

    Norsk Hydro Company told the media that, they don’t know the people’s responsible but they are sure the attack came from the United States; moreover, the company wants back-up the system and restore data but the hackers responsible has not yet made their ransom amount; therefore no contact has been made. It is advisable for large company to take insurance policies that will protect them from hackers and yet it’s also a risk considering the NotPetya attack in the year 2017 on Mondelez International, a food company were plaintiff in a court of law against Zurich Insurance Company for not compensating them with their 100 million dollars after the attack.

    Norsk Hydro Company acquired an insurance cover against cyber attacks; additionally, the chief officer, Eivind Kallevik claimed that mining and metal industries are largely affected by cyber attacks which result to loss of millions of dollars. Many mining and metal companies have lost an estimate of 200 to 300 million dollars due to cyber attacks in a short period.


    Hydro is very likely to have a very long way to go before the original business can be fully restored. Even the incident analysis and investigation will undoubtedly cost both Hydro and the Norwegian authorities a lot of time and effort. So far it is not clear which Ransomware was used for the attack and from whom this went out. What was not correct – the network may not have been properly segmented, otherwise it would have been much easier to prevent the ransomware from spreading further and curb the attack in this way; the security solution used by Hydro was not robust enough to intercept the ransomware; the security solution could have been supplemented with anti-ransomware software, which can be installed alongside other security solutions and protect the system from the ransomware, miners, etc.

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