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    Hackers are tech-savvy computer users who manipulate and bypass computer systems to make them do the unintended function. Their primary objective is to steal important information of you or your organization and use them for personal benefits. They, sometimes, hack your system to hurt you through identity theft or damage your public image.

    Types of Hackers
    Most of us are familiar with the stereotypical 1980s hacker, the evil criminals who are isolated socially. Although this stereotype describes some modern hackers, other hackers who are not criminals exist in the ICT environment. Most of the hackers use their knowledge for good while others to damage.

    Black Hat Hackers
    Black hat hackers are the most dangerous type of hackers in the world. They willfully vandalize or commit theft on other people’s networks. In fact, the term black hat is used to describe its malicious motivations. They are always motivated by fame, criminal purpose or money. In most cases, they break into your computer system, steal your personal data, and then sell it or even use the data to distort money from you. They are the most dangerous guys in the hacking world.
    Generally, black hat hackers are popularly known for the creation of worms and other destructive programs, identity theft, and DDOS attacks that affect your computer network.

    Ethical White Hat Hackers
    Unlike the classic black hat hackers, these hackers are always motivated by honorable agendas or honorable motivation. They are experts and talented computer users employed by the organization to protect computer networks. Moreover, they are given permission by their employer. Their main objective is to close vulnerabilities and deal with attacks from black hat hackers.
    Most of these type of hackers are academic hackers. They are more interested in creating clever programs and beautiful interfaces than protecting the systems. They are motivated by improving the system through additions and alteration. Generally, academic hackers include serious computer engineers or casual hobbyists.

    Grey Hat Hackers
    Grey hat hackers comprise hobbyists. They have intermediate technical skills and enjoy disassembling and modifying computers for pleasure. Sometimes, they can crack software and are not motivated by personal interest.
    How do hackers get into your computer system?
    Although there are many ways of preventing hackers from accessing your computers, hackers are computer experts and know many different ways of bypassing a firewall to access your network. Whether you use antivirus, these hackers can still get ways of accessing your data somehow. Most hackers use viruses or create programs that help them to steal your personal information including credit information, password, and username thus using them for their personal gain.

    Protecting your network system and PC
    Understanding all the processes hackers use to steal data from your networks and PCs is very important in securing your computer and networks too. The following steps will help you to protect and prevent hackers from accessing your networks;
    The most effective way of protecting your PCs or laptops from being hacked is by scanning all vulnerable Systems. Scanning devices before using them on your laptop or PC is essential as it helps to remove any virus that could damage, destroy, or delete your file. Hackers can use a demon dialer to access your connection if you are using a regular modem to establish an internet connection. The little device performs well in relocating your location. Some hackers use a program to scan your IP address of the internet to determine if the system is currently operating.

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