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    The German test lab AV-Test has compared nineteen antivirus packages for Windows 10, with the standard Windows Defender integrated with the operating system achieving the maximum detection score. It means Microsoft’s free virus scanner platform performs better than multiple paid antivirus solutions.

    The anti-virus packages were assessed for malware detection, performance, and usability. For the three components, the packages together could earn 18 points. Malware detection looked at 309 zero-day malware copies and nearly 13,700 malware copies discovered in the last four weeks before the test.

    For the detection of the zero-day malware, which is unknown in the definition of AV-Test, an average score of 99 percent was achieved. The test with the 13,700 copies yielded an average detection score of 100 percent. Nine of the nineteen virus scanners produced a maximum of 6 points in this section. Windows Defender scored 99.9 percent for the detection of zero-day malware and 100 percent for the other component. It is enough to get 6 points in this section. AhnLab, Malwarebytes, and Microworld end with 4.5 points at the bottom.

    The second part, which is the performance, looked at things as visiting websites, downloading files, installing and running software as malware or clean websites as infected. Something that can have unpleasant consequences when it comes to system files. Thirteen of the nineteen packages achieve the maximum 6 points in this section. Windows Defender follows in second place with 5.5 points. PC Pitstop is with 4.5 points gate closing.

    Ultimately, F-Secure, McAfee, and Symantec managed to score the maximum 18 points. Windows Defender comes out on 17 points and outperforms eight paid antivirus packages. Malwarebytes Premium ends in the overview with 14 points in the last place.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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