Delphi / SQL programmer


Company name: Интертрансавто
Location: Dzerzhinsk, Russia
Salary: withheld by employer

o Development and refinement of its own software workstation, written in Delphi, using the database in MS SQL.

o Programming experience in the Delphi language from 1 year;
o A clear understanding of the basics of OOP (understand how overload differs from override, do not be afraid of the word reintroduce, we will be pleasantly surprised if the candidate knows the differences between virtual and dynamic);
o Working with components DevExpress (know the features of the grid in the master-detail mode);
o A big plus would be the experience with the GoogleMaps API;
o Experience with SVN;
o It is desirable to understand the functioning of com-objects (if you know the 3 basic methods of the IInteface and understand how they function, this is already good);
o Understanding such patterns as MVC, TDD (if you heard about DDD, then this is a big plus to karma);
o Experience in writing complex SQL queries (ability to read and analyze a query plan), understanding the principles of operation of triggers, the ability to write complex and optimized stored procedures;
o Clearly understand why we need indices in the database, their pros and cons;
o Experience in a team and understanding that your code will be analyzed not only by a computer, but also by another programmer;

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