Data Scientist


Company name: Открытые Технологии
Salary: withheld by employer

• Analysis of existing business and technological processes of the Customer.
• Formation of requirements and process modeling.
• Development of proposals and recommendations for optimizing processes.
• Presentation of the streamlined process.

• Higher mathematical or technical education.
• Experience in software development.
• Knowledge and experience in the application of basic machine learning algorithms for the problems of classification, regression, clustering.
• Good erudition in the field of modern information technologies, understanding of the principles of building an IT infrastructure.
• Experience with python libraries for statistical data analysis and machine learning: pandas, scikit-learn, numpy, scipy, statsmodels.
• Knowledge of time series methods (outlier detection, filtering, forecasting).
• Algorithmic training, the ability to assess the complexity of algorithms.
• Preferably – the experience of building neural networks (libraries tensorflow, keras, pytorch).

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