Cryptography Services

Cryptography Technologies for the security of your company

Cryptography underpins virtually all security communication protocols, VPN, public key infrastructure (PKI), https web pages, encrypted hard drives and blockchain technology. We remedy the elements which make cryptographic systems vulnerable to attacks, namely: weak cryptographic protocols, cryptographic system implementation flaws, theoretical cryptanalysis and side channel attacks. Our cryptographers, cryptanalysts and mathematicians are well equipped to provide you with most secure and advanced crypto services and solutions to guarantee the highest level of cyber security. Our custom cryptographic solutions are developed with the utmost care and precision ensuring no backdoors or hidden vulnerabilities. We possess expertise in all domains of symmetric and asymmetric cryptography, key exchange, key encapsulation and digital signatures. We will protect you from the latest vulnerabilities and future proofing for the post quantum era.


Developing proprietary and customized crypto libraries with the highest bounds of security for clients with the most demanding cyber security requirements such as: government executives, military, police and defense organizations, critical infrastructure operators, and other strategic programs and bodies.

Developing and integrating custom cryptographic suites into a spectrum of hardware and software environments, such as:

 Secure network communications solutions

Crypto boxes (layer 2 and Layer 3) and VPN boxes

Embedded devices firmware, mobile products in need of a small form hardware security module (HSM), e.g. smart cards and SIMs

Designing custom made cryptographic algorithms and primitives spanning symmetric, asymmetric and hashing algorithms that are made to measure for optimal operation in energy constrained and/or computationally limited devices such as IoT appliances and sensors.

Developing your cryptography system to address, prevent, account for and mitigate the most advanced and futuristic threats, such as the side channel attacks of today and the post quantum computing of the future.