The First Cyber-security Strategy Revealed by President Trump

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    Criminals, foreign adversaries, and terrorist have been threatening the American’s networks for many years. Americans do not feel free when moving from one place to another for the fear that they could be attacked by the terrorists. Due to the growing threats, the Federal Government decided to come up with many different ways of ensuring the country has the best cybersecurity.

    After ascending to power, President Donald J. Trump shifted his focus on the cybersecurity of America and made it clear that his government will ensure that the America cyber is secure. He has taken several actions of protecting the citizens in the cyberspace by signing the National Cyber Strategy in 2018, the first to be fully articulated for the United State since 2003. From this strategy, it is very clear that the Federal Government will continue defending the interest of the Americans and according to the President, the government will also ensure that every element of American power protects the people in the current digital world.

    According to the President, his administrations will not consider cyberspace as another arena. The government will continue to integrate cyber into all elements of the national power. Cyber professionals believe that structuring National Cyber Strategy in our pillars of national security strategy will minimize the current high level of cybercrimes in the current. The three pillars include protecting the American people, the American ways of living, and the homeland.

    According to the President, Trump, his administration will try its best level to manage cybersecurity risks to enhance state security as well as the resilience of the country’s information and systems. This will be achieved by taking specific measures of securing critical infrastructures, improve incident reporting, and combating cybercrime.

    • Promoting American Prosperity

    The Federal Government, as stated by the president, will preserve the influence of America on the technological ecosystem as it focuses on the development of cyberspace as an essential factor in the growth of the country economy and innovation as well as the efficiency. However, to effect this, his administration plans to support the digital economy, develop friendly cybersecurity workforce, and protect American ingenuity

    • Preserving Peace within the Country through Strength

    To preserve and maintain the security of the country, the Federal Government plans to identify, degrade, deter, and disrupt bad behavior in the cyberspace. According to the government, doing so will help in eliminating and creating a good working environment that promotes national interests. To, however, achieve this government will enhance cyber stability through many ways like imposing high costs on the malicious cyber actors among others.

    • Increasing American Influence in the World

    Trump’s administration believes that openness, security, interoperability as well as internet reliability can reinforce its interest and influence in the world. The government plans to take specific global efforts to promote its interest while supporting market growth and development of the infrastructure.

    Do you believe the Cybersecurity Strategy signed by President Trump will reduce the current threats on the Amerian networks?


    Perhaps any assessment of the impact of the US ‘National Cyber Strategy’ is premature. Presidential elections in 2020 should be indicative of the level of effectiveness of the Strategy. What is clear at the moment is that the US Department of Homeland Security has taken active steps to prevent a repeat of 2016. Blacklisting potential hostile IP addresses is a step in the right direction, definitely, and so is training local election workers. However the question remains; will these measures, coupled with international security cooperation with allies, prove sufficient? Or are these measures too little, too late ? Time will tell. What will be crucial to avoid a comical election in 2020 is, without doubt, significant coordination between the private sector and governmental bodies. How far the strategy reaches in this regard is a moot point at the moment.


    The attacks in question (suffered not only by the United States: even China has made similar statements) range from more concrete and rare threats to vast swarms of approaches of an exploratory nature that rapidly increase this type of counting. Putting it all in the cauldron is like bringing mini greaves and missiles together because they share gunpowder. The best defense is the attack. If there were two players on the field, it could be a strategy like any other. Only that the United States does not face a single adversary, but many realities of different types. Increasing the budget for research on offensive technologies or setting standards are like trying to defend a crystal castle from a tornado by buying a slingshot.

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