How does Malware Get onto Your Computer?

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    Malware infection occurs when malicious software infiltrates a computer. On successful invasion, malware can slow down your computer, facilitate the stealing of sensitive information, deny the user access to resources and other malicious acts. The big puzzle is how malware gets in your computer. Let’s look into the various ways your computer can get infected with malware.
    Spam emails
    Malware developers use tricks to convince you to download malicious files. It can be a spam email with an attached file in the form of a tax refund, a receipt for delivery, or a ticket invoice. Ordinarily, the email urges you to open the attachment for you to get the delivery. If you open the attachment, you end up installing malware in your PC.
    Sometimes you can detect a suspicious email due to grammar or spelling errors, or the source address is entirely new to you. The emails can, however, come from legitimate sources. Attackers can develop malware that hacks email accounts to use them to send malicious emails to any contact they find.
    To prevent malware from spam emails, avoid opening emails that you do not know the sender or the email appears suspicious. Also, avoid opening attachments that you didn’t expect, or they were sent by someone you do not know.
    Infected removable devices
    Many viruses and worms are transferred via removable storage media. The malware is automatically installed upon injecting the external storage device in the PC. Once the malware is installed in one computer, it is easy to infect all other devices in the same network.
    Before allowing any of these external devices on your computer, you should have an effective anti-malware program installed on your computer.
    Compromised Web Pages
    Malware uses known vulnerabilities to infect your computer. When you visit a particular website, it uses the available vulnerability to infect your system with malware. The visited website can be malicious or a legitimate site that has been compromised.
    To protect yourself from such attacks you should keep your software updated. Software development organizations and individuals always update their product to make them more secure and less vulnerable. That is why it’s imperative to keep all your software updated and delete the one you do not use.
    Malware from other software
    Malware can be installed simultaneously with other downloaded software. These are software from third party websites or peer-to-peer shared files. This malicious software usually generates humiliating pop-ups and ads whenever you visit the internet. Besides, most of the malware programs bundled with third-party software are used by hackers to spy and collect user information.
    To avoid installing malware, always ensure you get software from the authorized vendor’s website. It is also good to read through the software terms and conditions before you allow any software into your system.
    Other malware
    Some malware like Trojan downloader can download different types of malware in your computer. Once this malicious software has been installed in your PC, they continue to download other threats.
    The most appropriate way to protect your computer against such is having a robust anti-malware program and keeping your software updated.

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    Your computer can still become infected with a virus even if you didn’t click on a bad link or initiate an installation. This is a rare occurrence, especially if you keep your operating system updated by installing different updates regularly, but it does happen. A virus built into a website can install itself in the background while you browse the internet. As long as you are connected to a network, your system is always vulnerable to a virus.

    The best way to protect yourself from computer viruses is by being careful. Avoid suspicious links and downloads, keep your computer’s OS up to date, and install only trusted antivirus software.

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