Data Engineer – Big Data


Company name: IBM Middle East
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Salary: withheld by employer

– Support of solution construction, implementation and systems integration, delivering high quality solutions to clients in response to varying business requirements.
– Tasks performed require integrating hardware, software, storage and network solutions. Identify project requirements, developing solution delivery, which may include vendors and subcontractors.
– Collaborates with others to provide services in carrying out assigned duties.
– Has latitude working within established processes and procedures.
– May be involved in new or complex designs, layouts, products, devices, components, methods or procedures.
– Ability to articulate and compare alternative approaches.
– Negotiation with specified objectives with client team is required.
– Works on professional level projects with minimal guidance from more experienced individuals.
– Position requires in-depth knowledge of one major platform, process or architecture.
– Performs assigned technical tasks including study, limited programming, and product installation.
– Must possess a strong operational knowledge of applicable operating systems, application programs, system diagnostics and remote support structure.
– Provides technical guidance and assistance to others; may serve as lead technical advisor for the IT team. Assists in the identification of new IT services opportunities.
– The employee focuses on individual/team/department/ operational objectives.

– Professional knowledge related to incumbent’s department or function.

– Engaged as an independent professional. Ability to articulate and compare alternatives approaches. Negotiate with specified objectives.

Problem Solving:
– Recognize problems related to project objectives.
– Creativity and judgment applied to professional technical, or operational problems. Independently generates solutions, based on analytical skills & business knowledge.
– Challenge the validity of given procedures and processes to enhance and improve or develop complementary adjustments /solutions.

– Works on special projects, or leads small teams, or manages routine technical/ operational activities or departments (national or international).
– Understands departmental mission and vision.
– Provides advice in technical/operational domain of specialization.
– Generally controls own work priorities and methods requiring tradeoffs.

Impact on Business/Scope:
– Accountable for individual or team, or department results, and for the impact of the results on functional activities.
– Participates in overall departmental program planning.
– May have budgetary responsibility. Contributes by supporting activities that are subject to business measurements, impact customer satisfaction, or impact immediate costs or expenses

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