Cyber Secure Central is a multinational tech company, with a focus on cybersecurity. We offer cybersecurity services, certified courses, website development, digital marketing and mobile app development. Furthermore we provide premium quality HR services for employers and job seekers wishing to recruit and work in the fields of Cyber Security and technology. We also manufacture and provide personal protection equipment.

Cyber Secure Central's Management Team

Abdulaziz A Masoud (Founder and Director)

Abdulaziz founded Cyber Secure Central coming from both legal and entrepreneurial backgrounds. He studied Law and Politics at Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, and has worked as a bilingual legal adviser at two prominent international law firms. Abdulaziz moved on from corporate law to dedicate his time to managing property development investments in Saudi Arabia, as well as studying Cyber Security from the perspective of a real estate developer. Exposition to this truly revolutionary and essential domain of our everyday lives led him to aggressively pursue the prospect of investing in Cyber Security. After a year of intensive market research, and having assembled a terrific international team of cyber security experts and academics, programmers, web developers, digital marketing specialists and supporting professionals from different industries; including Human Resources, Law and finance, he launched Cyber Secure Central.

Coming from a highly security-conscious family, with his late father General Abdulaziz Masoud, the former head of the Saudi General Directorate of Investigations; and a background in investigations (Abdulaziz also holds a Diploma with Merit in Private Investigation, Somerset, England), Abdulaziz is grievously concerned by the poor levels of cyber security awareness and hygiene that not only result in financial losses for businesses and organisations, but also endangers the personal security of innocent civilians everywhere. Simply seeing that a child or a nation state can equally be the victim of lethal cyber-crime, and that such disastrous eventualities can be avoided and mitigated foremost by raising awareness and educating; he has made it his mission to be a major force for promoting and propagating a cyber security aware international community.

Nika Gigolashvili (Technical Manager)

Nika is an experienced web developer, specializing in back end development.  He has worked at a major internet and telecommunications provider in Georgia as a back end developer. Nika has a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Caucasus University, and is studying cryptography while preparing his masters. Nika programs in PHP and Python, and is highly certified in Python.

Alex TeamProfessor Alexander Dvali (Senior Data Scientist and Backend Developer)

Alexander Dvali is a highly experienced data scientist with a PhD in Economics from Tbilisi State University. Alexander’s experience as a data scientist covers a wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities which he has undertaken throughout the years, he has worked as a lecturer at a number of Georgian universities, while also being engaged as a statistician and data manager at a leading global market research agency. His prior role as a credit risk specialist, National Bank of Georgia, at the outset of his professional career, has given him a unique and conditioned skillset; combined with his advanced web development skills. Professor Alexander’s experience as a backend developer, highly skilled in Django, PHP and SQL, spans two decades of application across a number of industries.

Mevi TeamMevlud Gigauri (Web Developer)

Mevludi came to Cyber Secure Central from its associate Scientific Cyber Security Association, where he worked as a web developer. Mevludi is well versed in both HTML and CSS.

Robi TeamRobinzon Saghinashvili (Lead Graphic Designer)

Robinzon is a dynamic graphic designer with specific expertise in the utilization of an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. His technical background stems from having studied graphic design at the Academy of Digital industries, Georgian Technical University. He applied this education to good use in the hospitality industry, as well as the technical management of national festivals.

Timothy Ogden

Timothy Ogden (Media Adviser to the Director)

Timothy began his career as a journalist and editor for The Messenger, before becoming the principal columnist for ‘Georgia Today’, later briefly serving as Acting Editor-in-Chief. His opinions and reports have also been published by ‘Emerging Europe’, ’JAMnews’, ‘The Sun’, ‘UNICEF’, and ‘commonspace.eu’, as well as serving as the news editor for the International School of Economics at Tbilisi State University. As a feature writer, he has a strong interest in economics and security issues, while his opinions delve humorously into social and political matters. Timothy publishes fortnightly articles on Cyber Secure Central’s forum and is a media advisor to Cyber Secure Central’s Director.

Carlos Maximiliano Cano (Digital Marketing Manager)

Carlos has worked in several branches of Finance as a Marketing Strategist and Copywiter. He is also a published author, an enthusiast of blockchain technologies, and an English/Spanish translator. He co-founded the first blockchain business consultancy in Cyprus and regularly collaborates with crypto projects in Marketing.

Teona Mamulashvili (Digital Marketing Content Coordinator)

Teona has a degree in Law, and over five years of management expertise in the retail, law and hospitality industries. She also has experience in sales, merchandising, office management, and social media.

Fernando Fierro (Digital Marketing Officer)

Fernando is an Industrial Engineer, Project Manager, and Vice President at ‘TEDxAvDivDelNorte’, the largest TED conference in Mexico. He also has experience as a web and graphic designer.

Alejandra Casanova (Digital Marketing Officer)

Alejandra has worked as a graphic designer with several SMEs developing their corporate identity, editing videos, and managing social media. She has also worked as an assistant director in Mexican film productions, a lettering artist and a digital illustrator.

Monika Sigua (HR Officer)

Monika has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Banking from Ilia State University. She has worked in Banking sales and retail, before transferring to the Fitness Industry for three years, where she gained experience in human resource management, and was responsible for hiring staff for different positions including IT professionals. Before joining Cyber Secure Central Monika received specialized bespoke training in HR management for Cyber Security from our exceptional trainers with decades of experience in defense, cyber security, military intelligence and respective HR management in these fields.

Courses' Trainers And Senior Consultants

Maksim Iavich (Cyber Security Expert, Professor of Computer Science, Founder and President of Scientific Cyber Security Association)

Maksim is a distinguished cyber security academic and practitioner, heading the Cyber Security Department at Caucasus University, and has been named ‘The Best Young Scientist OF The Year’ by the Shota Rustaveli National Foundation in his homeland of Georgia. Internationally Maksim is known as a prominent speaker at global cyber security and hacking conferences. In 2018, Maksim was the keynote speaker on Defcamp9, one of the biggest hacking conferences in Europe. He is certified in cyber security by international universities such as Stanford and Maryland. Maksim is involved in various, international scientific cyber security projects as the key researcher, and a highly skilled cryptographer and software penetration tester.

John Chain

John Chain (Blockchain Expert, Founder and President of Chain Enterprises LLC, Nevada, USA)

Long before founding Chain Enterprises LLC in Nevada, USA, John had been tackling unique problems in technology. From as early as age 11, when he took over his family’s IBM XT computer, he experimented with a bulletin board based on Wildcat! BBS and dove into Slackware Linux from a CD in the back of a computer magazine. Soon after Phrack, Alt 2600, and DEFCON led to self-study in software development and offensive Cyber Security.

John recently retired in Colorado after spending 12 years as a Green Beret with the 10th Special Forces Group of the US Army.  During his service he developed offensive and defensive cyber solutions, worked as a Department of Defense trainer alongside a penetration testing organization within the defense community, developed custom built solutions with single board computers and off the shelf electronics, and managed various exercises and events around the globe with multinational partners.

When Bitcoin surfaced in 2009, he did some research and dedicated several machines to mining. Although the old mining hardware has long since disappeared, his dedication to explore and develop within the blockchain space continues to grow. No longer content with simply mining, John focuses his tech energy on creating unique solutions with existing hardware. His latest project leverages GPU mining hardware to create cluster machine learning and distributed rendering solutions.

Maka Petriashvili (Cyber Security Expert, Co-founder of CYSEC Cyber Security Educational Center)

Maka has worked at the Ministry of Defense of Georgia since 1999, specializing in cyber security, military intelligence, defense policy and planning, human resources and strategic defense review. She worked as a human resources and organizational development consultant in the Cyber Security Bureau and coordinated the Cyber Security Awareness Project in 2015-2016. She is also involved with cyber security awareness training and has participated in the development of Nato’s Cyber Security Generic Reference Curriculum. She holds a Master’s degree in security studies from the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monteret, California, and a Master’s degree in human resource management from the University of Manchester, England.

Maka is involved in various cyber security projects as a lecturer on cyber security, cyber hygiene and cyber bullying.

Gaynor Ogden-Sutton (Former Head of the Public Defender Service of England and Wales, from 2000-2007)

Gaynor is an Oxford University, Balliol College, Law graduate and master’s degree holder, Solicitor and High Court Advocate.  She currently advises the Governing Board of Educational Providers of South West England on constitutional, legal governance, issues. Gaynor has an exceptional background and expertise in criminal law, having been a Senior Crown Prosecutor from 1989 to 1991. Throughout her impressive legal career as a specialist criminal law practitioner she has been involved in notable cases e.g. changing the definition of ‘suspect’ and bringing about changes in the Police and Criminal Investigation Code. The Legal Services Commission of England and Wales has sent Gaynor to lecture and advise in Mexico, Columbia, Malawi, Lithuania and Georgia on the establishment of legal defense systems and the management of government legal organisations.

Giorgi Iashvili (Team Leader at Scientific Cyber Security Association)

Giorgi is a cyber security expert, currently working on his PHD thesis on cyber security, which centers around a combination of usable security and cryptography. He works at Caucasus University as an invited lecturer, teaching Usable Security, and was previously involved in cyber security projects. Now he is involved as a researcher in “Digital Signature Schemes in Post Quantum War” scientific project. He is certified in various aspects of cyber security by international universities. Giorgi is actively working in usable security and penetration testing.

Arturo Arakelyan

Arturo is a professional web developer with a cyber security background. He works as a Software Developer at Georgian State Electrosystem, an electricity transmission system operator, as a back end web developer. He has a Master’s degree in cyber security, and is working on his PHD thesis in cyber security. Arturo is involved in different international projects as a developer of web platforms.

Davit Taliashvili

Davit is a graduate of Ivane Javakhishvili state university and holds a Master’s degree from the Georgian Technical University. From 1999-2004 he worked as a System Administrator in the Information Technology Division of the Parliament of Georgia. From 2004-2010 he worked as Head of the Computer and Information Security Division of the Administration of the President of Georgia. In 2010-2016 he worked as a team leader of the Network of Information Technology at the Tbilisi Municipality City Hall. Sine 2016, Davit has been the GPD Host (USA, New York) main network and system engineer.

Gvantsa Khutsishvili

Gvansta holds a Master’s degree from Wageningen University in Geo-information Science. She worked at the National agency of Public Registry in Georgia as a GIS specialist, and later in Silknet as a GIS Consultant. Gvantsa is a GeoSource analyst and country expert for the international company ‘TomTom’, a volunteer at GISCorps, and runs the Non Governmental Organization ‘Geoinformation Research Institute’.